MOMS Club® of Elizabethtown, PA

MOMS Offering Moms Support



Becoming a member:

  • All prospective members are eligible to attend two events before joining
  • Annual Membership Dues: $25 payable to MOMS Club of Elizabethtown
  • Upon joining, all members must complete Membership Information & Liability Release Form
  • Once you are a member, you can enjoy the benefits of our monthly newsletter, our private Facebook group, and a calendar of activities each month! 

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In our own words...

What does MOMS Club mean to you?

  • other moms who understand
  • my real life social network
  • an opportunity to learn about and help the community I live in
  • fun for my kids...And me!
  • a way to find out what to do around my town
  • the village that helps me raise my children
  • sanity in this crazy world we call motherhood
  • the most supportive group of co-workers you'll ever have!!